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November 6, 2011
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Eh? Well... by purplekecleon Eh? Well... by purplekecleon
After a stressful day, there was only one thing Gunpowder could think of to unwind: drink his sorrows away in the Spinda Cafe. It was no secret that he enjoyed to drink almost every offering from their menu. It was also no secret that his tab has gone unpaid since he arrived, and the only reason he continually managed to get away with it was his association with Devonshire.

On the way to the Cafe was that blasted ice beast. Like most of the residents, Gunpowder was sick of the cold it had brought, despite the advice it offered. Since he was currently in quite the rut, he had no problems expressing his distaste directly to it.

"Hey, you. Ice thing. Yeah, I be talkin' t' ya."

Sorbet casually turned its head towards Gunpowder. It was known to do things on its own time.

"Oh, it's you. The one noisier than the purple one. Escaped from that ghost's realm, I see?" Even its speech was slow.

"Hah! Devonshire'd never send me that far. I ain't talkin' t' yerself t' be talkin' 'bout me, though."

The dragon's interest had been piqued. "Oh? What is it you require of me, then?"

"I'm tired o' this cold! The hell be wrong wit' ya, anyway?! Can'tcha see the rest of us ain't suited to this? I'm tired of you, too. What with yer'.. omnipotence."

"I am many things, but omnipotent is certainly not one of them. I am just very observant. It's hard not to be when I perch myself here in the middle of the village. It is the most comfortable spot, after all." The dragon strolled off its roost towards Gunpowder - a rare sight indeed. "Like you. I saw you over there, at the hut. The only reason you are confronting me is to have someone to express your anger towards. That's fine, I suppose."

"Eh? Well... About that... It's all that Shroomsworth's fault. He always be--"

Sorbet was quick to interrupt. "Don't give me that. I know full well it was your fault. You were late. You always tend to be. Like I said, I observe many things, especially the rumors. I've heard you tend to not pay much attention to detail."

More criticism? Gunpowder was growing rather tired of hearing such slanderous filth. "Hey! What's the big idea, mate? Why're ya insulting me s' damn much?!" He stomped right up to the other dragon, putting them nose-to-nose. "I think ya might be wantin' t' tangle."

Sorbet raised his head, putting it out of reach of Gunpowder, who was noticeably smaller. "Hah... No, no, I don't want that. I am just telling you as it is. You can try to deny it, but it doesn't change the facts. You are irresponsible. That much is clear from how you are acting toward me alone."

Sorbet was not unwise, and seemed to hit the nail right on the head, despite how badly Gunpowder didn't want to admit it. He looked away from the dragon, not wanting to show further signs of weakness.


Fourth excerpt about a snowy adventure for pirates by :iconlatiass:
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I found your art stolen here :(…
Are they arguing about something or what?
LadyMaid-of-Pokemon Jun 11, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Kyurems cute and squishy!
Very nice!
Colors are amazing!
toxicVisage Jan 3, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
So pretty... Yet such an angry Gunpowder~ XD
this is soo amazing OAO
SkunkyRainbow270 Nov 25, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow nice how you drew Kyurem thats one tough pokemon to draw
I never thought Sorbet'd come off as so elegant.
hedgey Nov 12, 2011  Student Digital Artist
nice eyes
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