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October 30, 2012
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General Background Advice by purplekecleon General Background Advice by purplekecleon
I know a lot of people struggle with them. I am tired of "tutorials" that give an outline on how to make a cookie-cutter version of what someone else does: those are not useful except to replicate an effect someone else already uses! Those will not help a whole lot, and I've made ones like that in the past. This is more like a TLDR version of something that will be in my color book when it's ready, using a speedpaint from the Pal/Palette story as an example.

This simply offers things to think about with some examples of each of the things: more detail can be covered on each of these aspects, undoubtedly, but this is just a general advice thing. I will make a more detailed one when it comes to my book, with several examples on composing backgrounds and how to approach that. I favor teaching how to critically think about your work rather than giving a tip on exactly how to work like someone!

Feel free to ask questions + address things I wasn't able to cover in depth here: I'll try to give a response over time, and it will give me things to think about for the better version

Here on tumblr for easy sharing: [link]
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Sorain26 Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2013  Student General Artist
Nice advice, thanks.
LukeMif Featured By Owner May 14, 2013  Student General Artist
Just a quick question, what brush do you use?
KemonoApocalypse Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Man this is helpful, I have serious palette keeping issues.
Ankh-Ascendant Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I was linked this in a critique and I find it very woeful, although also intimidating. Man I'm bad at this stuff ^^;
meownyo Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2012   Digital Artist
Probably one of the best things since slice bread, thanks for creating this!
iAmAneleBiscarra Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
the art community should be thankful for this! kudos!
Steamed-Bun Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2012
oh my kaerg this is probably one of the most useful tutorials I've found TAT!!! Thank you so much for this, I've always had such a struggle with backgrounds, and its been holding me back in my art. I will definitely be studying this tutorial and applying it to my work! thank you so much for posting this!
elindor Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I think it's so interesting to see the way in which you paint. It's lovely and smeary and textured and I really adore it. It's something that I wish I could do and I'd love to practice it a lot more.
I've never really painted in grey and then gone over it in colour. And seeing that you put different tones over before you start colouring more is cool!
I also need to do backgrounds more. I feel like I've become such a lazy artist for the past couple of years (barely doing more than sketches and lazily cel shading and argh argh i hate it) so maybe this will light a bit of a fire under me to actually start making some art instead of just scribbles.

And the fact that there's different values in tone and saturation etc in the different areas of the painting has just clicked for me and I'm going to attempt it! I never really thought about it before (because i am lazy and don't do backgrounds >M< )

I also love the brush you're using, it's like you're dragging a palette knife over your colours. Is that just in sai or do you know if there is a photoshop equivalent?
goldgust Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2013  Hobbyist
i dont know about her but from experience in any program where you can edit brushes there will be a setting for how round your brush is. less round= flat brush
it always surprises me that more people don't use flat brushes, they are really good.
elindor Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
ah thanks for that : )
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