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October 22, 2011
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Hello, Maple's brother. by purplekecleon Hello, Maple's brother. by purplekecleon
Mike and Maple entered through the door to PK's room, and then Maple let go of Mike's hand to skip towards a lone Deino sitting atop a bed. "Mike! This is Sandy! Isn't she sooooo cool?"

Maple was quick to make introductions, and Sandy had only one word to utter, "Hello."

Dragon? Oh... that's right, we always called Sandy a 'dog,'... oops. Mike took off his hat to scratch at his head while having that brief thought. "Oh, um... hi Sandy..." Mike offered a claw to Sandy, but she began to slowly growl at the offer. "Umm..." This was actually Mike's very first meeting with the silent Deino.

"Oh! Sandy, this is my brother!" Maple had forgotten one vital part to the introduction, and after hearing that, Sandy stopped growling.

"Oh. Hello, Maple's brother."

...not much for words, huh? Mike just nodded and put his hat back on. "Um, so... how have you been, Sandy?"

Sandy had this much to say in response: Okay.

Mike felt like she knew what he was trying to imply there. After all, he was looking at the one who slain Slasher, the notorious Weavile that was plaguing PK & Shroomsworth. "Well... that's good."

"Mikeymikeymikey, lookit! Sandy's fur is so slick!" Maple hopped onto PK's bed to hug Sandy tight and nuzzle along her fur.


"Agh! You! You're gonna stink up Sandy and my bed! Getoff getoff getoff!!" PK yelled right behind Mike and leapt forward closer to her own bed.

"C'mon Sandy, get that smelly kid off you!" PK ordered her faithful companion, but for once, it was not followed.

"I don't mind. She smells nice." Sandy blushed after saying such a thing.

"Buwagh! That's NG! No good!! C'mon!" PK yelled once more at Sandy with haste.

"B-but..." Sandy started to feel somewhat threatened by her master.

"Okay, settle down madam." Shroomsworth slowly walked in, step by step, with the assistance of his cane. "I do believe you're being unjust here. Why not let these two young girls have some time together?" Shroomsworth laid a claw on PK's shoulder.

"...fine. C'mon Mike, we have business to talk about!" PK turned and grabbed Mike's claw to drag him out to the living room.

"Wah!" Mike was surprised by PK's haste. "Business..?"

Shroomsworth turned around to look at PK dragging Mike off with worry. "Oh dear..." Just as Shroomsworth took one step out to the hallway, he turned his head slightly to look at Maple and Sandy. "You two girls behave and have fun, I'll go look after young Mike, okay?" The two of them simply smiled and nodded. "Good." Shroomsworth left and closed the door to the room.


Part 8 in Mike's story about his worst hairday ever. :iconmichael2021:

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