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May 12, 2012
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Ladies and Gentlemon by purplekecleon Ladies and Gentlemon by purplekecleon
PK awkwardly made her way past bulky Pokemon in their comically small or wrongly shaped seats, aiming to reach the lit stage where whatever stupid trick was going to happen. She was in the middle of a long daydream about woulda and coulda beens when some idiot shined the brightest light of her flipping life right into her eyes. It was all a confused mess, and then the idiot magician had called her a guy. Way to go. To tell the truth, she didn’t even care that much about the blunder, but sleeping and eating poorly for over two weeks had made her even more irritable than she could ever remember being in months. She wanted nothing less than to climb up onto that stage and be in the center of everyone’s attention. Again. She’d had enough of that crap for months now, and it was finally wearing her down. It had been fine enough to manage with a partner at her side, all the stupid side glances and comments easily being shrugged or laughed off. But, she’d lost that. She’d lost her partner with which she could joke, and in the process, seemed to have lost the ability to joke. She’d not laughed in weeks. Smiles had become a rare commodity, as well.

She felt the eyes, caught wind of the whisperings. Were they about her? Of course they were. She couldn’t catch a break; was it always going to be like this? She didn’t ask for this, didn’t ask to be a part of this... this stupid trick. She didn’t even want to be in the casino, she didn’t even want to watch this show... She was downright exhausted and sleep was absolutely hard to come by! It couldn’t be helped if she’d found the plush seat in the dark room just a tad bit too comfortable, damnit! It didn’t earn her all these weird looks, she was so, so tired: tired of this haughty Kadabra standing on his stage like a throne, tired of this sleepy, claustrophobic room, and tired of Twigs trying to slobber all over her during the show. Well, maybe that last one wasn’t entirely accurate. Whatever he’d been saying to her got mixed in with her daydreams and had turned into some strange scenario where he had her pinned down in the beautifully redone, rebuilt Merchant Hut, and was doing embarrassing things in front of imaginary perturbed customers. She wanted to try to store this in her mental banks to evaluate later, but already her dream was slipping out of her grasp like water out of a hole-ridden pail. Such was the nature of dreams, she supposed. Still, it seemed important...

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, PK reached the little steps onto the stage. Her tail drooped and her eyes looked and felt dull, but she trudged her way up next to the Kadabra and his tiny box. Was she supposed to go into that or something? Shortly she’d find out. Maybe it won’t be too involving, she hoped. Maybe I can get back to my sleep soon-- er, back to my chair soon, outta here soon. God, I’m so tired! What am I even thinking?!

If there was any indication of how down-to-the-bones exhausted she was, the flashy Kadabra either didn’t notice or care. And why should he? His concern was the stage. Always! Always so single-minded! And it’s not like he could read her mind, hah! No, he was handicapped for his species, and had somehow turned that into a profitable venture. PK had to respect that a little, in the deepest parts of her brain. The parts that weren’t pissed off over being on stage unexpectedly.

“Ladies and gentlemon, please do not take your eyes off of this lovely girl! She is going to disappear before your very eyes!” Hugh announced. Really? Was that some sort of Kecleon cue she was supposed to follow or something? Because she wasn’t going to do it and if this stupid cape he was waving in front of her was a clue then-

And just like that, a twirl of the cape later--(and of what use was the box? some other part of the trick? she never found out, and besides that, it quickly left her mind)-- PK found herself having fallen into a dark space, the brief light from the stage disappearing along with the slightly audible click of the trapdoor mechanic falling back into place, caught in some unknown’s arms. She was about to scream, surely would have, but was silenced by a fluffy paw tapping her head. “Shh! Don’t let them hear you!”


Part 3 of "The Dates"

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Darkhymns Apr 14, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Haha, my favorite part of the story so far~ And I really like the writing here.
hedgey May 15, 2012  Student Digital Artist
very epic!
Ok.. someone get this kec some good food and some piece n quiet.
Its really a dramatic moment, and an interesting kadabra
The foreground pops out against that BG. I really like how you drew the audience too, because they all look so distinct.

I just love magicians.
aggielexi May 13, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
SQuietSonamy May 13, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Pokemon is so awesome in yuor style of coloring :) The audience in the background are nicely made in that funny style ;)
SpringDragonfly May 13, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Hugh may have made the wrong move with PK.
DesD-D May 13, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
nice :D
Wow, that was cool and alittle scary but wow, by the way, how are you doing these days.
Oh I can see the :heart:
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