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Species - Foxbat by purplekecleon Species - Foxbat by purplekecleon
Today's species post! Tomorrow will probably be something not small, cute, and mammalian.
Foxbats are an open species, but you must keep in mind the character creation guide for floraverse as there is a restriction!
About half of these were based on a base design by LovelyMilk!
Excerpt below by Marlcabinet.

Common elements: Foxbats are highly versatile, and there have been several documented sightings of them possessing one or two of most every elemental affinity. The few elements that Foxbats are not noted as often possessing seem to be Spirit, and all of its subtypes.

Hereditary magic: The word “volatile” could be used to describe the Foxbat’s aptitude for passing down hereditary affinities, and for obtaining or becoming influenced by environmental affinities. Foxbat parents nearly always pass down their affinities to their offspring, regardless of if the parents consisted of one Foxbat or two. If the offspring are raised in an environment that does not match their hereditary affinity, their affinity will most likely change before they reach adulthood. This may not be accompanied by an overt physical change, but will instead most likely reveal itself in future generations.

Elemental weaknesses/resistances: Foxbats have no notable weaknesses or resistances by themselves, rather, they depend on whether or not their affinity makes them susceptible to or resistant against certain elements. Foxbats that have no affinity whatsoever are usually weak to any sort of magical assault, save for Air and its subtypes, which they are often neutral to.

Common locations: Due to their curious and friendly nature, most Foxbats are found wherever villages, towns, and cities are. They can also be found almost everywhere in Owel, with no real exception. They have been spotted in the most desolate reaches of Auroria, around the toxic swamps of Neck-Deep Mire, deep underground in Candy Rock and Miaoustok, and even the smaller islands of Heaven’s Keys.

Climate preference: Like weaknesses and resistances, the climate or environmental preference of the Foxbat usually depends on its affinity, although personal choice is also a factor. Foxbats without an affinity usually prefer wide, open areas with gentle winds, moderate temperatures, and ample sunshine. Examples would include the forests surrounding Dewclaw Flats, most of the United Gnoll Nation territories, and Citrico Archipelago during its calm weather seasons.

Sentience: Most Foxbats are feral, and are often kept as pets or trained to perform simple tasks, the most popular being delivering mail. They are highly intelligent, and will often form strong bonds with their handlers and all others who choose to treat them kindly. In very rare cases, a Foxbat does possess sentience. These individuals may not necessarily speak any recognized language or be familiar with any civilized mannerisms, and as such may be mistaken for a feral Foxbat.

Language: Foxbats are able to communicate amongst each other, and are able to learn words and simple commands if trained properly. Sentient Foxbats can converse with feral Foxbats, and they also have no difficulty in learning any other language.

Trivia: Foxbats are not native to Owel, instead having been imported from the continent of Jewell several centuries ago. Many modern-day Owel inhabitants do not remember this fact, nor would it matter to them. Foxbats are popular as pets, as they are highly friendly, curious, and usually fairly intelligent for a non-sentient animal. Foxbats are at times born without sight, with this usually occurring in approximately one out of every ten to fifteen Foxbats. These blind Foxbats almost always have some sort of ability, affinity, or some heightened sense that allows them to live their lives normally, or without much handicap. Nearly all Foxbats prefer a diet of either fruits, bugs, or both fruits and bugs, although some carnivorous specimens have been rumoured to exist.

Sentient Foxbats do exist, although very rarely, and are most often found to possess an affinity for Spirit or any of its subtypes. These Foxbats are almost never found in large, populated cities, as they are most often thought of as oddities, or even worse, as pets to be coddled and trained. They prefer instead to live in less densely populated areas, examples being small villages in Dewclaw Flats, the Lucky Cloud Cities, or the Village of Good Intentions. Sentient Foxbats should be treated the same as any other sentient race, as there is no difference between them, save for public perception.
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