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June 11, 2012
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Tao Village 2.0 by purplekecleon Tao Village 2.0 by purplekecleon
Hi, I'm PK. This is my village-- or, rather, I suppose it's grown out of the title "village" a bit, don't you think? But "Tao Town" and "Tao City" either don't sound right or don't quite apply. But, that's all right. Tao Village sounds cozy, doesn't it? It sounds like a nice place to live, right? Not too crowded, everything you need in one place... I guess I should give a little tour or something. Well, let's get to that.

1) Tao Tenements - I had these built recently, after the whole... winter disaster thing. They donít quite look like the rest of the buildings, huh? Yeah, I know, theyíre kind of out of place. I guess I wanted to bring a bit of the... the look from Alomomola City into Tao a bit. Did you know they rarely use Pokemon-shaped buildings there? I know! Itís kind of hard to believe if youíve been living here for a while, but theyíre a lot like plain boxes out there. These tenements reflect that a bit. Theyíre nice if you want to rent from me and donít really want to live out in the woods. Safety in numbers and all that jazz.

2) The Rescuer HQ - I still canít even believe this place is up and running again. After Mike turned tail and left like a little baby, I really expected to just reclaim the tree for myself. I think this treeís about... 150 years old or so? Maybe more. Itís the oldest one directly in the village, and biggest too. Itís one of the few that didnít start to rot and die after the... the Sorbet incident. Lucky them, I guess. Anyway, Fresnel managed to cough up the money to get it properly built. I imagine heíd have done it himself, but treehouses--sturdy ones-- are tricky jobs to do without experience, or so Iíve heard. I donít built a lot, so I donít really know. Er, moving on...

3) Devonshire Law Firm - If you notice anything at all, notice how that geezer finally has a proper door. No more abandoned-building look. Oh, yeah, and thatís also the headquarters for the Rogues, if that interests you.

4) Spinda Cafť - Run by none other than that nauseating fellow Vertigo. Er, I donít mean to imply that heís got a nauseating personality or anything; I just mean that I get a little sick watching him totter around all the time. Trust me. Youíll know what I mean if you check it out yourself.

5) Bartyís Bluff - Run by Barty the Drifblim, as the name might have suggested to the mentally acute. Heís all right, I guess. He always requests quite a bit of money to keep his place going though... kind of annoying, but I canít say I donít like quick transportation when I need to get somewhere in a flash. He has little outposts set up in a couple of areas. I know thereís one in Sapling Village... and I think he was trying to get one set up in Alomomola too. Thatíll really help me out if they start paying for his services too...

6) Sleepytime Books - This is actually something Iím taking a little bit of a gamble on. These two fellows came by--Gerard and Vic, I think?--from Alomomola (oh, and have I mentioned yet? Thatís my hometown) and they wanted to set up a little used book store. I was a little wary about how many of you could actually... read... so I wasnít too sure about letting them take up a valuable spot of land. Alas, Callahan wouldnít leave me alone the moment he heard of my little dilemma. And, well, that guyís a gigantic pain in the neck, so I eventually obliged. So there you go.

7) Happy Treasure Time - Okay I donít even know whatís up with the name. I think the Diglett who owns this place is a little foreign, but uh, thatís okay. I guess heís really good at helping your teams out in discovering... whatever. Artifacts? I think thatís what it was. Well.. for a price, anyway. Heís negotiated with each of us guild leaders and set up a little arrangement that we can give teams slips for doing a good job at something-or-other, which says that the team is worth taking on a treasure search. Not ordinary treasure, but... artifacts. I wasnít really listening when the guy was talking to me, but I think he mentioned that Paletteís paint is a type of artifact that lets her use a move she canít normally use. Iím not too interested in that stuff unless itís worth a lot.

Speaking of Palette...

8) Palís Studio - So. Pal has a little shop right inside Tao Village now. He used to be out in the woods-- do you remember that? I sure do... oh well. Paletteís his studiomate. Most Pokemon go to Pal for portraits though. Paletteís work is... something. Maybe go see for yourself, I guess, if youíre into art. I donít really have much time for it, myself.

9) Snowflake Memorial - Maybe I lied a little when I said I didnít have time for art. I designed this one myself! Itís made of nevermeltice, and all of the names of the lost Pokemon from the Sorbet incident are inscribed on the roof. Thereís a little bell you can ring when you want to call out to someone you lost. Speaking of Sorbet... If you never met him, the fountain in the middle of town is a pretty good likeness. Itís not quite as big, but it does endlessly spew out water and look pretty while doing so. I still have no clue how the fountains work! Any fountain we stick there just magically pulls water out of thin air and... oh well, whatever. I donít wanna question nice things.

10) Missionary of the Divine Arc - Okay I might have made a slight mistake in allowing this place to be set up. I thought Iíd need the money--and they were willing to pay a lot for this little spot of land-- but as it turned out, I didnít. So, um, yeah, itís run by an Archeops named Gabriel, who was sent here by that stuffy chicken, Prosphora. Gabriel wears a shiny little garb around his neck if you havenít seen him yet. I have no idea what the crap the buildingís supposed to be either, so donít give me those funny looks. I tried asking him what it was and he said it was a holy symbol or something. Thatís it. Beyond that, Iím not even sure he knows what it really is.

11) Master Foo Dojo - You guys all know him by now, right? He gives lots of sage advice, apparently. Oh, and his grandpa came into town recently I guess. I think they have something new planned soon with... moves or something. I wouldnít really know anything about how useful Fooís advice is, but I canít help but admit that my curiosity is piqued a little at the special moves thing Iíve been hearing about. A move tutor!

12) Pidove Post - Run by Archimedes. Sometimes I see a Pelipper come in to deliver mail from Alomomola, and sometimes a Delibird from Snowy Village. I canít really recall anything else Iíve seen though. This is just the mail place, no big deal. Itís free, too. Well, free for you guys. I have to pay to keep it going.

13) Doctors - No fancy name here. Whatcha see is whatcha get. That weirdo Quaak and that surgeon Remedy live here, as well as work from here. Oh, and Poppy, too. Donít bother Quaak with small-time things, he doesnít take well to that. Thatís my advice. Talk to Poppy if you have a stomach ache or whatever.

14) More tenements! - We were already over this, but I thought I just might point out how many there are. There are quite a bit.

15) Awesome Gazebo - Okay well thatís not really its name, but gazebos are pretty cool. Wait... I guess it COULD be its name, I mean I had it built and all... what the hell, letís call it the Awesome Gazebo.

16) Missyís Daycare - I think Missyís going to be getting some help soon. There are simply too many orphans lately who just keep popping up. Sometimes I wonder what the deal with that is. Where do all those eggs even come from...? Well, I mean, I obviously know where they come from! Iím not a kid! I just mean, she always has a lot dropped off on her. Itís kinda weird. Do Pokemon really just... oh, whatever.

17) Chrysís Tailoring - This is where you redeem your accessory vouchers. Chrys makes a bunch of neat little accessories for you guys. Er, not just Chrys, no-- he has help! Thereís this ghost, Slash- er, er, no! Gnasher. His nameís Gnasher. Heís kind of a jerk, but I canít help but kind of admire the things he comes up with. Itís kind of a shame he has to be such an angry dork. Whereíd all that talent even come from?

18) Tao Ranch - Moved next to us, if you remember it ever being further away. The old ranch got really messed up, unfortunately... I still am not quite sure who exactly works on the ranch now that Malt works with me. Iíve only ever done business with Malt, so, uh. I think thereís a Meganium and... wow. I forget. Whatever! Theyíre getting more help soon, anyway.

19) Merchantsí Hut - Undoubtedly my favorite building, as you might be able to infer. The biggest and most important building... I live here, too! All our stock and supplies are here, and there are usually a few guild members helping out to run the place. This is where I do most of my training of new members. I do actually know quite a bit about items, yíknow. And good sale techniques, locations for shop, ways to bargain, and... ah, I wonít bore you. I can see the look on your face. Moving on.

20) Auntie Kangaís Storage - Got extra crap? Dump it here if you have an accessory voucher to blow.

21) Patrat Patrol HQ - Hire these guys if you want some extra security. Theyíre pretty trustworthy from what I know.

22) Icy Cave - This is... itís mostly closed now, but this is where Sorbet came from. You can see it in the distance. if youíre looking north. Itís right next to...

23) Monochrome Tower - A tower thatís a pretty good landmark for finding your way back to Tao, no matter how far away you are. Itís way tall and easy to recognize. Thereís no way in anymore, apparently. I know that Chill and Devonshire got in once, but they had special keys. Iím not entirely sure what happened to those.
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Dorsa-Sanchez Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2013
Wouldn't be cool to add a tournament-like arena for different teams to compete? Just saying.
Setsuna-Senso Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Doesn't the term 'missionary' refer to a person or relate to a religious mission, not a building? Wouldn't calling it the Divine Arc Chapel/Chapel of the Divine Arc make more sense?
glfran35 Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2013
Where are the Saloons?
crystall0veslink Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Can we make up a spot in the world where the team members are born? Like a mine shaft at the foot of a mountain?
MissFluffyKitty Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
lmrl12 Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Quick question: are the railings in the wooden bridges rectangular, or cylindrical?
MissFluffyKitty Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Doesn't really matter, but I believe most people perceive them to be rectangular.
lmrl12 Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Winged-Keldeo Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2013  Hobbyist
I just joined and.. well......
what do I do? to like have my pmd team on here and stuff. and what's with the countdown clock thingy?
:C i'm kinda... lost
MissFluffyKitty Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
After you made your team and submitted to the group, you can just right into the mission. the countdown indicates the amount of time left until the mission is finished and the folder will be closed until judging is complete.
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