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October 22, 2011
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Yes, my dear? by purplekecleon Yes, my dear? by purplekecleon
"Um... is everything alright?" Maple's voice came from the hallway to PK's room, her head poking out from the door.

"Yes, yes, everything's fine. Your brother had to leave for the moment, but when he comes back at sunset to pick you up, I'll treat the both of you to a hearty dinner and some ice cream! So just go back to playing with Sandy."

"Oh, okay!" Maple sneaked back into the room and shut the door, and a faint stream of giggling from both Sandy and Maple could be heard.

"...Shroomy..." PK gurgled from her lying posture of 'defeat' on the floor. Shroomsworth lifted PK up from the floor into his arms.

"Yes, my dear?"

"What the hell was that?" PK said this as if she expected any kind of answer from Shroomsworth.

"Well... I'd say you took a good dose of strong medicine. Jealousy did get the better of you... Do you ever take a look at yourself after you read one of your sister's monthly letters?" Shroomsworth expected an answer from PK.


"Well, before you would have a response written for her, you'd waste about three papers' worth of replies... all ripped to pieces by your very fountain pen." Shroomsworth cradled PK into his arms.

"So?" PK was very fussy.

"Well, what I am saying is that you almost denied our dear Sandy a friend just now! That wouldn't be very nice of you, would it?" Shroomsworth started walking towards a pair of chairs, and sat down on one. He set his cane to rest upon a coffee table, and continued to cradle PK in his arms.

"I guess not... I'm..." PK was trying her best to say one specific word. "...sorry."

"Good! Now then, if you would apologize to Mike and Maple, then I'll treat you to cake night after dinner!" Shroomsworth slowly poked and tickled PK's tummy with a single claw.

"Hey now, that's not a very good deal... how about..." PK started to whisper into Shroomsworth's ear... his expression slowly changed from understanding to disagreement.

"No deal." Shroomsworth flatly stated and put PK down to her own chair.

"Aw c'mon, your deals always suck... how about...." PK continued to bargain with Shroomsworth for hours and hours...



Final part of :iconmichael2021:'s story.

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I wanna tickle PK's stomach...
tickle tickle tickle! :D
HAHAHAAHH HAHHAHA.....HAHHA god that's funny but sweet at the same time
awww and cool XD
hedgey Oct 25, 2011  Student Digital Artist
aw very cute!
I like PK's expression.
PuzzledPerson Oct 24, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
This was awesome! Good job!
And it took me this long to realise that Shroomsworth's name sounds like a drug.

I'm pathetic.
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