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My publisher is riding my ass about the book: HOW committed are you to buying it? 

191 deviants said Depends on the price.
186 deviants said If I have the money.
137 deviants said No, sorry, can't.
112 deviants said I would 100% buy it.

Devious Comments

100% if i can doo dat from a different country 0_o but sure
If it's at a decent price, sure. :3
SoftMonKeychains Sep 26, 2007  Professional Traditional Artist
Kinda I understand your situation.
My publisher (yes, I´m planning to publish a book, in my case, a comic book) is also getting my nerves and the price that it can have is a problem that is a pain.
Normally the book have a certain price but if become a sucess, the price obviously will be lower.
Feather-Dancer Sep 26, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Need to be online (UK ftw) and a reasonable price, same goes really for any arty books I buy.
Knuckles-Echidna72 Sep 26, 2007
I might if it were say in stores, cant buy offline.
Me and my family are in a bit of a financial crisis, so it won't be possible to buy your book.
So sorry! ^^;
I would buy it if I knew what it was about and where it was being sold and for how much and okay I'm done. > n <
Where did you get yer icon? I LOVE IT LIKE WOO!
I made it. @ w @
Oh yay ultra yay, if you saw my requests on your front page, ignore em, Can I have a Shiny Shinx Peez :3
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